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The world-class multi-select, multi-action and multi-edit Domain Manager offers slick manipulation of all generic and country code top-level domains. Register, transfer or renew more than fifty domain name extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us domain names cost only C$16.11 CAD per year with DuoServers Web Hosting. Custom nameserver and DNS records, unmetered parked/hosted domain options, a domain identity shield service, etc. are just a few of the included domain name administration options furnished by the most avant-garde Domain Manager on the current top-level domain name and web space hosting market. Secure Sockets Layer certificate registrations, activations and renewals can be pulled off uncomplicatedly, with just several clicks of the mouse.

Universal Domains 1-year 2-years 10-years with Hosting
COM (Commercial) C$16.11 CAD C$32.22 CAD C$161.10 CAD
NET (Network) C$19.04 CAD C$38.08 CAD C$190.40 CAD C$14.64 CAD
BIZ (Business) C$20.28 CAD C$40.56 CAD C$202.79 CAD C$15.15 CAD
ORG (Non-Commercial) C$20.09 CAD C$40.18 CAD C$200.91 CAD C$14.96 CAD
INFO (Information) C$20.00 CAD C$39.99 CAD C$199.97 CAD C$14.90 CAD
TV (Television) C$53.18 CAD C$83.34 CAD C$416.70 CAD C$53.18 CAD
NAME (Personal) C$15.35 CAD C$30.70 CAD C$153.52 CAD C$15.35 CAD
Country Code Domains 1-year 2-years 10-years with Hosting
US (United States) C$14.55 CAD C$29.10 CAD C$145.48 CAD
CA (Canada) C$26.57 CAD C$42.40 CAD C$212.01 CAD C$26.57 CAD
EU (European Union) C$10.97 CAD C$21.93 CAD C$109.66 CAD
CO.UK (United Kingdom) C$11.62 CAD C$20.33 CAD C$101.64 CAD
ORG.UK (United Kingdom) C$11.62 CAD C$20.33 CAD C$101.64 CAD
DE (Germany) C$13.16 CAD